What People Are Saying…

sam-gooley-cropped“I remember being a little bit embarrassed about having speech problems when I was little and, at first, I didn’t want people to know I was in speech therapy. But, after a while, not only did my spech improve but my confidence did as well, which was good because I was just starting to get involved with theatre. When I graduated college, my school’s vocal coach said that I had the best articulation in the school (this would have shocked my first grade speech teacher). I am currently in New York pursuing my craft as a performer and I can be confident enough to say that if I hadn’t taken speech therapy when I was young, I might not be where I am today.”

Sam Gooley (past student of Kimberly Binford,M.A.,CCC-SLP)

Additional testimonials...

“Kimberly Binford and her colleagues have transformed our hesitant and socially tentative four year-old into an exuberantly expressive five year-old.  Our daughter is now confident and eager to learn, and she approaches the classroom with relish instead of dread. Perhaps best of all, the professionals at TerrificTalkers have showed us entertaining and engaging ways to continue our daughter’s auditory development at home, allowing us to share more fully in her development and reinforce her sense of accomplishment.”

Stephen and Lisa Cox

“We used services of TerrificTalkers in summer of 2010 and had a wonderful experience. The speech therapist, Patty Henderlite, who worked with my 5 year old daughter Silvia, was knowledgeable, experienced and great with children. She was able to connect with Silvia easily, explained things in age-appropriate manner and kept her engaged and motivated with the help of games. As a parent I was receiving detailed feedback after each session and provided with adequate resources for at-home practice. We are very pleased with our daughter’s progress. I highly recommend this practice for all my friends who have concerns about their children’s speech development.”

Jurga Petrikiene

“This whole experience has been so positive and so rewarding. We were very pleased with David’s progress and how much he enjoyed working with Lori (Barton).”


“TerrificTalkers has been extremely helpful toward my child’s development. Their private therapy and social learning groups helped provide the foundation that has enabled my child to be successful in both his social and academic endeavors. The social groups were structured, organized and effective and had clearly delineated goals for my child to achieve. He not only learned the technical skills needed to interact with his peers, but he was introduced to the subtleties and nuances needed to communicate and understand other children. I recommend TerrificTalkers regularly to my friends and colleagues and always feel confident in my recommendation.”


“Thanks so much for an incredible job with our daughter. She has really learned how to pronounce her consonants and vowels confidently. As a result, her speech is more clear and her efforts to read and spell are much more successful. Thank you so much!”

Dr. and Mrs. Gaskill

“My four year old daughter is a “late talker” which caused her mother and me great concern. My daughter started seeing Kimberly Binford of TerrificTalkers when she was 2 ½ and continued once a week for one year. We did notice positive results after only a few sessions and she improved continuously thereafter. We as parents were also given skills that assisted us in teaching our daughter to speak and become more verbal overall. Also and very importantly, we were comforted by Kimberly in her continuous assessments of our daughter. That is, our major concerns over our daughter’s lack of speech were alleviated by learning that this is a common problem, very treatable, and that our daughter was in fact progressing. Our “late talker” has progressed very well thanks to a true professional who has instructed her on a warm and personal level.”

Andrew Nasson

“We can not say enough about TerrificTalkers. They have worked with all three of my children for various speech related problems. The amount of support they provide to the parents is exceptional. The level of therapy the children receive is a cut of above the rest. I would recommend any one of their wonderful therapists.”


“I have been using TerrificTalkers for over a year now.  Kimberly Binford is awesome!! She is very patient and works really hard to help your child not only during sessions but also provides information for extra help outside of the visits.  I highly recommend TerrificTalkers to anyone who has a child that may be struggling academically for a number of reasons.   She has treated my one child for speech therapy and now my other son for auditory processing.  It has been a very good experience!!!”

Alison Jerzembeck

“Martha Green brings many years of clinical experience to the table. Her combination of maturity and youthful spirit has kept my 3 year old son engaged and progressing rapidly through his speech therapy. He really looks forward to his time with “Ms. Green” and the chance to earn a lollipop! What an asset she is to an already impressive therapy group.”

Cassell Fitzhugh

“We must commend Lori Barton for her professionalism and dedication. Sara’s speech development has improved greatly and she is now more confident and able to communicate better with her peers. We thank Lori for her efforts and patience.”


“We are just thrilled with Ms. Meka Harris! She always makes the learning environment for our son very comfortable, welcoming and meaningful. He really enjoys going to the sessions which allows him to be more open to the techniques. The practice work she sends home is always very helpful and organized. She really takes the time to offer feedback and follow up if we ever have any questions. We appreciate her consistent efforts and professional manner. Our family is always delighted to recommend her and TerrificTalkers!”

The Platé Family

“For the last 5 1/2 years, our 9 year old son, Nicholas, who has Apraxia, has been working with Kimberly Binford of TerrificTalkers. Kimberly’s dedication and nurturing qualities have paved the way for the impressive progress Nicholas has made and continues to make. We wholeheartedly recommend and endorse Kimberly and the entire TerrificTalkers organization.”

The Clover Family, Charlotte, N.C.

“Our son has been receiving services at TerrificTalkers for over a year. He participates in a weekly social group as well as one on one speech therapy. Initially, we were shocked at how quickly the therapists had their finger on what makes him tick and exactly where he needed improvement in his speech and social skills. Over the last six years we have been through several different speech therapists in the area and TerrificTalkers is by far the best of the best. We are amazed at the progress my son has made, and continues to make, socially and academically. We are so thankful that we have found this wonderful group of talented people.”

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Beatty

“Our son is a shy child who typically takes his time warming up to new people, but he and Patty Henderlite had an instant rapport. She is a warm, kind, knowledgeable, and fun loving person, but is able to keep a busy 3 year old focused and on task. He looks forward to visiting with “Ms. Patty” weekly and has fun working with her. On a parental level, she gives constant feedback on his progress, teaches us creative techniques that we can use at home, and listens and responds appropriately to any concerns we may have about his speech. Our son has been working with Patty for approximately 3 months now and we can tell a marked difference in his speech development. Other family members and friends of the family have noted the improvement.”

Shannon Peek Crane

“Excellent provider that not only offers a great speech therapy program but also cares about your child. We have been to several speech therapy services and TerrificTalkers is one of the best!”

Ann Shea

My son has some speech issues and was tested by TerrificTalkers. They gave us an evaluation and started working with him right away. Our interaction with Terrific Talkers was wonderful. They explained exactly what his issues were and what kind of speech therapy he would receive. After each session, Kimberly would show me what to do with my son so that I could practice with him.

My son has been working with Kimberly at TerrificTalkers and he loves it. The environment is so up beat and happy. The Therapist make learning fun. We have seen a lot of improvement in our son and will continue to work with Kimberly and Terrific Talkers for as long as we need to. I’ve learned so much from Kimberly. Recently my son was diagnosed with a learning disorder and Kimberly knew exactly what to do. She start working with my son on different exercises that would benefit his new learning style and make it easier for him to keep up in school. I truly trust Terrific Talkers and I thank them for all they have done for my son.

Krista Porter

“When Ms. Kimberly Binford asked me if I would like to give a testimonial for her website, I jumped at the chance! She did SO much for my little girl, Lilly, that I would do anything I can to say thank you. When I first met Ms. Kimberly, I was a basket case. I myself had went through speech therapy as a child and had a horrible experience. To this day I can not say many things with an “R” in them. So when I realized that my precious little girl was having difficulty communicating with others and was not “growing out of it” as I had hoped, I was just so upset. I thought “this is going to be a long frustrating experience with sloppy results.” Boy was I wrong!!!! From the initial meeting it was clear to me that Ms. Kimberly knew what she was doing and knew that she could help Lilly. Sure, it took some time, due diligence, and homework every night, but I was just as determined to help Lilly as Ms. Kimberly. And Lilly thought it was fun! She adores Ms. Kimberly to this day. She started with Kimberly when she was 4 and a half. I wanted her to be prepared before starting Kindergarten, and I definitely didn’t want other children to make fun of her. I myself had suffered through how cruel kids can be. Within 7 months Lilly was speaking clearly with no problems at all and she was done with the program. To this day people are surprised when I tell them that she had speech therapy because if I didn’t tell you, you would never know because of how well she speaks.

As she started school, I realized that as an added bonus, the therapy helped her become a better reader and speller. Because of her homework and therapy sessions with Ms. Kimberly, Lilly was already used to sounding out every letter in a word. This gave her an edge in Kindergarten, but especially now that she’s in second grade.

I honestly can not say enough good things about Ms. Kimberly. She is the best at what she does and the children love her! We love her! She gave Lilly the gift of communication and for that I can never thank her enough.”

Michelle Reed Shapiro