Speech & Language Resources

Offline Resources

Game Auditory Processing or Related Skill
A Rhyme in Time® speech sound discrimination, auditory closure
Battleship® active listening, visual patterning, integration
Blind Man’s Bluff localization, binaural interaction
Boggle® pattern recognition, integration
Bopit®, Bopit Extreme® integration, vigilance
Brain Warp® vigilance, integration, problem solving
Cake walks vigilance
Card games (e.g., Rummy) pattern recognition, sequencing
Catch Phrase® integration, vocabulary development, output
Ending sound game auditory discrimination
Feely bag interhemispheric communication
Mad Gab® temporal patterning, metalinguistic skills
Marco Polo localization, binaural interaction
Musical chairs vigilance
Name That Tune interhemispheric transfer of function
Password® vocabulary building, metalinguistic skills
Rags to Riches metalinguistic skills (idioms)
Read My Lips® lip-reading/speech reading
Red Light Green Light vigilance, active listening
Rummikub® patterning, problem solving, integration
Scattergories® vocabulary building, metalinguistic strategies
Scrabble® integration, linguistic skills, visual patterning
Simon® auditory-visual patterning
Simon Says vigilance, active listening
Taboo® vocabulary building, metalinguistic strategies
Telephone game attention, active listening, discrimination
Twister® integration, critical listening
UpWords® integration, visual patterning
Wheel of Fortune® auditory closure
From the presentation:  Auditory-Linguistic Processing Disorders in Children
by Jeanane M. Ferre, Ph.D., CCC-A and Gail J. Richard, Ph.D., CCC-SLP